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I'm Lotte. I'm a writer, awesomiser & chronic over-sharer, and I want to be friends with YOU...
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“I officially love Lotte Lane. This woman puts all the secret crap (that most of us worry about) OUT THERE. And you know what? It is brilliant to know that you’re not the only one!!”

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    In the week we discovered our prime minister may well have inserted his penis into a dead pig’s head, I’m thinking – out of solidarity with Davey C – it would… Read more >

  • This is the kind of mother I am

    Confession time: other parents make me angry. Sometimes an innocuous post on Facebook makes me fly into a rage. The comments in a Mumsnet thread can leave me feeling sick. Parenting blogs… Read more >

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    With two kids and no childcare, it was inevitable August would be a write-off blogging wise. Instead, I funnelled what’s left of my creativity into Susannah Conway’s ‘August Break’ photo challenge,… Read more >

  • Meh.

    So. I’ve been in a bit of a poke this last week or so and haven’t been able to work out why. I’ve been feeling listless, numb, month-old-bottle-of-schweppes flat. I’ve noticed… Read more >

  • Let me tell you what you should do with your life

    On a number of occasions recently I’ve had the peculiar pleasure of receiving unsolicited mail from strange men. Yes, really. Although the content varies, the essential ask is always the… Read more >