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I'm Lotte, and I'm awesome. I made this website for over-thinkers who want MORE...

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“I officially love Lotte Lane. This woman puts all the secret crap (that most of us worry about) OUT THERE. And you know what? It is brilliant to know that you’re not the only one!!”

Latest From the Blog

  • Meh.

    So. I’ve been in a bit of a poke this last week or so and haven’t been able to work out why. I’ve been feeling listless, numb, month-old-bottle-of-schweppes flat. I’ve noticed… Read more >

  • Let me tell you what you should do with your life

    On a number of occasions recently I’ve had the peculiar pleasure of receiving unsolicited mail from strange men. Yes, really. Although the content varies, the essential ask is always the… Read more >

  • Gin ‘n’ Colic

    Once again, I’ve been appointed the role of Chief Caregiver of a Brand New Person. And once again, I’m finding the job challenging. It was hard last time, because I had no… Read more >

  • Lucky

    I gave birth to my second child three weeks ago, in a pool set up in my dining room. It was an incredible experience – so much calmer than with my daughter (which… Read more >

  • 428 Days Later

    5.45 in the morning. I’m lying in bed, weeping. So far, so standard for the parent of a shitty sleeper. For 14 months, I’ve been woken up several times a… Read more >