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40 for 40

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Inspired by my fabulous friend Carla’s ’30 for 30′ list, I thought I would have a go at drawing up my own list of things I want to do before I hit a landmark year.

However as I’m decidedly past 30, I’ve made mine a 40 for 40 list; this gives me TEN extra cool things to shoot for, wooo! Here it is…

  1. Sing in a choir [Achieved October 2014]
  2. Learn to ride a bike
  3. Learn to roller skate and…
  4. …try out for a roller derby team
  5. Make my own cider
  6. Clear my non-mortgage debt
  7. Run a retreat and make money from it
  8. Have a book published [Achieved November 2014 (if self-publishing counts?)]
  9. Be on TV
  10. Paint a picture for my mum
  11. Exhibit at the Totterdown Art Trail¬†[ran a ‘messy play’ workshop November 2015, decided that counts!]
  12. Run my own business and turnover 6 figures in a year
  13. Travel UK in camper van
  14. Find the cure to my wonky knees [achieved January 2016 – HURRAH FOR ROLFING]
  15. Perform a cover of ‘I’m tired’ from Blazing SaddlesTired
  16. Do a cartwheel
  17. Go skinny dipping
  18. Travel. Anywhere.
  19. Breed more/foster/adopt [Felix arrived May 2015 <3]
  20. Ride a horse in the sea
  21. Have an ‘art therapy’ room in my house
  22. Have recourse to have a wardrobe full of fabulous dresses
  23. Get paid to speak or perform in public…and be good at it!
  24. Do some bloody yoga
  25. Dye my hair a stupid colour again. [Achieved October 2014 – well, I had purple streaks put in which I think counts]
  26. Reach the stage I feel comfortable giving 10% of my earnings to charity (and do that)
  27. Write a piece of performance poetry
  28. Have a fuck off gorgeous kitchen with one of those sexy arse fridges
  29. Get naked in public (separate from 17)
  30. Go camping with Maya & David
  31. Sell my houmous somewhere
  32. Do a luxurious mini break in Cornwall with Dave a la our honeymoon
  33. Open a bottle of champagne for no good reason at all [Achieved earlier in 2014, didn’t mark the date tsk tsk]
  34. Get on stage with a band
  35. Feature in the Guardian magazine in some capacity
  36. Stay overnight in a treehouse
  37. Sleep under the stars
  38. Have a mud bath
  39. Lead a group sing along of Bohemian Rhapsody like I almost managed in the Dolphin once [Apparently I did this in 1994 (see the comments) so crossing this off retrospectively]
  40. Have my own page on Wikipedia!

What’s on your list?

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Comments (6)

  1. Carla at Ducking Fabulous

    Ooh I’m so glad you liked it and I LOVE your list! Can give you a hand with 3 (I love to skate!) and 29 (you can be an honorary Paper Doll), and possibly 20 too – woo yay! xx

    1. Lotte (Post author)

      Wowee that would be FANTASTIC Carla! Thank ee! xx

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  3. Kate

    Lotte, I’m pretty sure you covered no 39 on a coach trip to Paris with school? I distinctly remember you starting the crazy singing!!!

    1. Lotte (Post author)

      Really? I don’t remember that! In fact, all I remember about that trip is getting off with a 28 year old hair-wrapper outside the Pompidou Centre. It was my first kiss and his tongue was like a slug. He took my address and said he would come and find me when I was 18.

      He didn’t.

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