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Enough About Me

When I started this blog three and a bit years ago, my life felt very different. I was a frustrated writer, who – having been through a few years of… Read more >

Putting my money where my mouth is

Having spent a large portion of 2016 in a giant news-and-general-state-of-the-world-induced funk, I’ve tripped over into this New Year quietly. Where in the past I’ve (over)shared my innermost thoughts – musing… Read more >

I have NO plan

This week was one of those weeks when all your best-laid plans go awry. My plan to stay off social media went to shit, thanks to the car crash that… Read more >

Sometimes I play the martyr…

It’s not a part of my personality I’m particularly fond of – but I DO have the tendency to be a bit martyr-y. Realised it yesterday morning when I found… Read more >

I miss my nan

Yesterday was one of those days when I wanted to eat my feelings. Given I’m trying to make healthy choices right now my comfort eating took on ridiculously crunchy tones…. Read more >

My face

I used to really hate my face. Small eyes, big nose, wrinkly forehead, crazy teeth, weak chin. Not sure what changed but these days I kinda like it. Whereas before… Read more >


When the lift doors opened I came face to face with a woman around my age, clutching a wheelchair with very very poorly looking child sat in it. As I… Read more >