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What the f*ck am I doing with my life?

Putting my money where my mouth is

Having spent a large portion of 2016 in a giant news-and-general-state-of-the-world-induced funk, I’ve tripped over into this New Year quietly. Where in the past I’ve (over)shared my innermost thoughts – musing… Read more >

I have NO plan

This week was one of those weeks when all your best-laid plans go awry. My plan to stay off social media went to shit, thanks to the car crash that… Read more >

Why I turned my website off

It’s New Years Eve (you know that I assume, but pointing it out just in case you’re still lost in the wilds of the what-day-is-it-again-better-have-another-chocolate fog). I like New Year’s… Read more >

Creative November

After getting all excited about my new scheme to AWESOMISE MY LIFE, I realised I needed to create some kind of structure through which to make said awesome happen. Because if I… Read more >

My new project (it’s messy)

Hey party people So, I thought it was about time I officially revealed the shiny new creative project I alluded to back when I told you I was a bit bored… Read more >


Something new today: a video! Yes, my first ever vlog.  It’s long and rambly and I’m unkempt and I angle the camera mainly up my nose and I made the rookie mistake of… Read more >

I’m not feeling this right now

I started the ‘Lotte Lane’ blog almost exactly two years ago.  Writing the blog has been a life changing experience for me.  It gave me space: to process the messy thoughts… Read more >