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Living & Loving

A little more love, please

I’ve been guilty of it. I’ve got caught up in the anger and the hate swirling round the world right now. Orlando made me cry and rage. Brexit lies made… Read more >

An adventure

I’m not sure exactly when it happened.  But at some point since having my second baby I’ve developed a fear of leaving my postcode. We’re not talking an overwhelming agoraphobia… Read more >

Creative November

After getting all excited about my new scheme to AWESOMISE MY LIFE, I realised I needed to create some kind of structure through which to make said awesome happen. Because if I… Read more >

My new project (it’s messy)

Hey party people So, I thought it was about time I officially revealed the shiny new creative project I alluded to back when I told you I was a bit bored… Read more >


Something new today: a video! Yes, my first ever vlog.  It’s long and rambly and I’m unkempt and I angle the camera mainly up my nose and I made the rookie mistake of… Read more >

This is the kind of mother I am

Confession time: other parents make me angry. Sometimes an innocuous post on Facebook makes me fly into a rage. The comments in a Mumsnet thread can leave me feeling sick. Parenting blogs… Read more >