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Do you remember when emails weren’t shit?

Emails used to be exciting and novel and FUN.

You mail provider would ANNOUNCE the arrival of a message, because back then, your virtual post was a really big deal. (I will never forget the thrill of the dial up connecting, and Joanna Lumley’s voice booming “you have email” out of the speakers, OMG).

Anyway – I digress slightly.  The point is, email used to be cool, but now it’s pretty shit.  Our inboxes are over-stuffed with work spam, marketing spam, actual spam, notifications, chores and more-fucking-things-to-do, and we struggle to stay on top of it.

inbox zero, as if




I love words. I love people. I love the Internet. I love sending words to people on the Internet. So I’m bringing email back.

“Thanks for your emails Lotte, they always perk up my days. And thank you for being so honest”.

Every month, I send out a totally non-shit email to my wonderful webpals (like penpals, but with computers, innit).

My messages are honest, irreverent and potentially rambly, but always honest and from the heart.

“Your letters make me smile and bring some lovely rays of insanity into my inbox”

Why do I do this?  Well in trad marketing land, you send out emails “to build relationships with people” so they “learn to trust you” and then… buy your stuff.

My motivations are more archaic. I’m all for building relationships (it’s one of my hobbies actually), but I aside from a £4 book, I don’t actually have anything to flog to you (yet!). Instead, I write, because I like to write, and because I want to write to you. That’s it.

“I never sign up for newsletters, but I adore yours”

What do I write about? Myself, obvs. My life. The shit going on in my brain. Raw stuff, real stuff, random stuff.  The stuff you would share with a really good friend. (They don’t call me an over-sharer for nuffin’).

“So many people write about themselves and it’s frankly shit boring. You write about yourself and it’s interesting and makes me think and do things and feel good”

Why should you sign up to get my emails? There’s no should to it. If you’d like to get some post from me, I’d be very glad to send you some. You can reply if you like too, I’ll listen.

If you don’t want to sign up – or if you sign up, and then decide to unsubscribe, guess what? That’s fine too. This is your life, my friend – I want you to do what you want to do. Genuinely.

“Thanks for all the emails Lotte, it always sparks my day up when you write, even if you feel you have nothing to say. And thanks for listening”

Want to be my webpal? Hooray! It’s super simple to sign up – just fill in the form below.