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Enough About Me

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When I started this blog three and a bit years ago, my life felt very different.

I was a frustrated writer, who – having been through a few years of therapy – was craving a new place express the contents of their head. I was in flux: I’d recently become a mother, quit my “proper” job and recovered from a dose of depression that had haunted me for over a decade – and I wanted to talk about it. So I started this blog, and made navel-gazey over-sharing my medicine.

Today, things feel a lot more settled. I AM a writer (I even get paid to do it!), my depression is (mostly) under control – and, two kids down, I’ve kinda come to terms with the whole parenting thing. I’m more confident in myself and my normal-ness, so the belly-button explorations hold much less appeal.

Yet, despite this, I still want to blog: to hang out here, communicate, and share my thoughts and ideas.

So what next?

Enough about me

It’s time to make this less about me.

I appreciate the irony that I’m announcing this on a blog that has my NAME as its title, but right now I’m kinda over talking about myself.  I communicate best by drawing on my own experiences – that’s a given – but that doesn’t mean I need to talk exclusively about them, right?

So I’m thinking we should try something different.

Let’s talk about YOU instead…

No really, let’s. Do you have a problem that’s niggling you? A burning question to ask? A thought or experience you just need to share? Hit me up.

In my IRL life, I’m one of those people that others turn to to share their confidences and woes. I don’t know what it is – maybe my massive listening ears – but both friends and virtual strangers seem to like talking to me.

So I thought, why not replicate that in my interweb life too? Start an online ‘advice’ column, and see if anyone has anything they want to ask of me.

What do you reckon?

I’m not a counsellor or therapist or qualified to do anything much except read and write (English degree), but HEY. I have a bit of life experience, and might just be able to assist… or at the very least, help you feel heard.

Send me your questions now!
(If you’re feeling shy, you can do so completely anonymously).

I’d genuinely love to hear from you.

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