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My Story

A couple of years ago, I wrote a little book about myself.

Not because I’ve lived a radically exciting life (I haven’t), not because I think I’m the most amazingly interesting person on the planet (I’m not), but because I had a story to tell.

A story about how I changed my life.

“Everyone should read this book – one of the most honest, real and achingly awesome bunch of resonant words about a life turned around that will make you cry, laugh, smile in recognition and want to give the author a ginormous hug”

– Cheryl Rickman, Author of The Flourish Handbook

Everything is Awesome by Lotte Lane

Right now, my life is pretty awesome.  

I’m happy. I’m loved-up (with my man, my kids and myself). I’m following my heart. Every day I GENUINELY feel delighted to be alive.

Things have not always been so rosy, however.  For years I suffered with soul-grinding depression, ridiculous anxiety and horrible self-worth.  Misery was my reality.  I hid my woes well but inside I was screaming, trapped in a life that I hated, seeing no way out.

Everything is Awesome is my very own – very honest – tale of transformation: a mini memoir that outlines the shifts and changes I made to get from despairing and self-loathing, to joyful and self-loving.  (No mind-altering substances were involved. Well, not many).

I’m sharing my story cos (cheeseballs as it sounds) I want to spread hope. I want you to know that things can – and will – get better. I want you to know that you are not alone. And most of all, I want you to know you’re awesome, just the way you are.

“I read your book through teary eyes and at times with a massive grin on my face. It’s such a massive relief to read a kindred spirit’s first hand account of rising up through a bog of crap and discovering how truly awesome they are. You give me hope” – K.B.


How to get the book

If you want to read Everything is Awesome, you can purchase it on Amazon:

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Please note, at present Everything is Awesome is only available as an Kindle eBook.

HOWEVAH, (important!) you don’t need to own a Kindle to read it: Amazon have a FREE app that lets you read Kindle books on most digital devices – your phone, your tablet or your PC (basically whatever you’re reading this website on now). And it’s super simple to use as well.


What people say about my story

I’ll be honest – I still feel a bit of a tit having published this book (it’s not high literature & talking about ourselves is so not cool, yah?), but I’ve kept it out there because people genuinely seem to like it.  And in such matters I trust other people’s opinions over mine.

Here’s just some of the lovely feedback I’ve received about the book – both directly from readers and via the Amazon reviews:


“Lotte, I loved your book.  It made me cry, made me laugh and made me admire even more your amazing bravery in sharing very personal stuff.  I often think I’m alone in my random thoughts… you remind me that I’m not” – N.L


Gemma reviewheart_03
“I thoroughly enjoyed your book – it’s honest, gutsy and uplifting… You have such a beautiful way with the English language” – M.R.


Tracy review


“Devoured your book whilst lying in bed yesterday morning – I loved it! Really, really enjoyable – funny & heartbreakingly honest” – S.O.


Susie reviewheart_03
“It made me cry quite a lot. We have a very similar background and outlook on life so some bits resonated very strongly.  It’s an amazing book” – S.B.


Mike review


“Just finished reading your book. Loved it. Your writing style, humour, dark/light balance and honesty made it a brill read. Can’t wait til the next instalment!” – E.M.


Soozi review


“Your book is amazing. I really love your writing style. You have a gift” – J.H.


Maria review

“It’s not easy to write honestly and for it to sound honest and not clunky or mushy. What you write is direct and very affecting… I love your blog and now I think your book is pretty rocking too” – C.W


Teresa reviewheart_03

“It’s a really powerful, entertaining, enlightening read. No pressure at all to write more books but if you do, I (and billions of others) will lap them up” – D.T.


Shelley review


Buy Everything is Awesome by Lotte Lane