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Putting my money where my mouth is

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Putting my money where my mouth is
Having spent a large portion of 2016 in a giant news-and-general-state-of-the-world-induced funk, I’ve tripped over into this New Year quietly.

Where in the past I’ve (over)shared my innermost thoughts – musing on my hopes ‘n’ fears, how I want to feel, and all the other miscellaneous bullshit that slops around in my brain – lately, I’ve felt compelled to keep my introspection to myself.

(I KNOW – SO not on brand…)

But I listened to that call, and I shut up for a bit.

And in the silence I uncovered something uncomfortable.


I’m all talk.


While I might pontificate and bellyache and mentally put the world to rights – I don’t deliver.

I preach about dreaming big, but I play small.
I demand we choose love, but fall to easily into fear.
I call for change, but I don’t act.


I want 2017 to be the year I change that.

The year I finally step up and pursue the things I believe in.
The year I stop what-iffing, and if-onlying, and one-daying – and start JFDI-ing instead
The time has come for less talk, and more ACTION.



(I couldn’t get the letter spacing right on this on Canva and inner perfectionist was like noooooo but new look Action Lotte™ was like FUCK IT, IT DOESN’T MATTER, THERE IS MORE PRESSING WORK TO BE DONE. So yeah soz.)


I’m starting by collecting underwear.

(No really).

I saw that Help Refugees were looking for people to create SNUG packs for refugees and instead of thinking “oh that’s a wonderful idea, I wish I could do that”  I was like ACTUALLY HOLD UP I COULD DO THAT.

The Refugee crisis – and the xenophobic rhetoric being peddled by our politicians and media – is something that viscerally upsets me.  I spent much of 2016 raging at Paul Dacre and Nigel Farage, endlessly scrolling social media and writing indignant tweets (or actually – honesty time – mentally composing outraged indignant tweets but not sending them because I was scared of trolls being mean to me).

But aside from raging and umm, not-tweeting, I’ve done very little about it.  I made a small donation at Christmas time but little else, because I thought I was powerless to make a difference.

I don’t have any money.
I don’t have any time.

But here’s the thing.  I don’t have a lot of disposable income right now, but I do have some. (And a lot more than those poor displaced humans)
I don’t have much free time right now, but I can make some.

I’m not writing this post to be all preachy


Granted – I *AM* writing in the hope you might send me some pants (really don’t want Katy to be driving an empty van to Calais), but on top of that I’m writing to appeal to you.

To notice the stories that are holding you back.
To question whether you can overcome them.

Your life is too short and too precious to be half-lived.
Make this the year you take action.

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  1. D Thomas

    You are a proper good egg. I love you!

    1. Lotte (Post author)

      And I love you, stink face xx

  2. Polly


    1. Lotte (Post author)


  3. Jemma Millward

    And she’s back!! You bloody amazing woman. Xxx

    1. Lotte (Post author)

      Awwww thanks Jem, nice to have a welcoming committee 🙂

  4. Jonathan Paxton

    You are my hero x

    1. Lotte (Post author)

      You are too kind! x

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